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~ Tuesday, February 14 ~

All Ticket to Ride Destination Tickets

Here’s a list of all of the destination cards in the board game Ticket to Ride (USA map), along with their point values.  There are 30 destination tickets in total, and it definitely helps when you’re playing to have a copy of this list either at hand or in mind.  Anyone feel like calculating the maximum number of points you can accumulate in the game?

Destination Tickets:

Los Angeles to New York City (21)

Duluth to Houston (8)

Sault Ste Marie to Nashville (8)

New York to Atlanta (6)

Portland to Nashville (17)

Vancouver to Montréal (20)

Duluth to El Paso (10)

Toronto to Miami (10)

Portland to Phoenix (11)

Dallas to New York City (11)

Calgary to Salt Lake City (7)

Calgary to Phoenix (13)

Los Angeles to Miami (20)

Winnipeg to Little Rock (11)

San Francisco to Atlanta (17)

Kansas City to Houston (5)

Los Angeles to Chicago (16)

Denver to Pittsburgh (11)

Chicago to Santa Fe (9)

Vancouver to Santa Fe (13)

Boston to Miami (12)

Chicago to New Orleans (7)

Montreal to Atlanta (9)

Seattle to New York (22)

Denver to El Paso (4)

Helena to Los Angeles (8)

Winnipeg to Houston (12)

Montreal to New Orleans (13)

Sault Ste. Marie to Oklahoma City (9)

Seattle to Los Angeles (9)

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